Web of the Week: Aliens Come From Hell!

I know we promised you fun last week, but this was just too damn good to ignore.

Click here to watch the video

Enjoy, but don’t take it seriously… As they’ve rolled up every conspiracy theory on planet earth and added some more. Cleverly done though and that’s why it’s this weeks Web of the Week.

When you’ve finished watching this claptrap and had enough of nazi’s on the moon and old testament prophets with cybernetic implants and the narrators insane belief that everything in the old testament is 100% true but we’re seeing it in the wrong light and had your fill of the rather dreary listen to Jesus thread that runs through the whole thing, even the real life interview with Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchel (who genuinely is the 6th man to walk on the moon) in which he tells us that the government is in league with aliens, you can then have a look at a well put together video of a rapping chicken here.

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