Look, a clue is in the name,  This might not be totally safe for work!  But it is fun.


Since the first anti-fur protest, hundreds of thousands of individuals, celebrities and animal protection groups have boycotted companies that use fur in their luxury clothing lines. Despite our collective opposition, fur garments and accessories are still being sold by many world-renowned retailers! Now, a creative, non-violent online parade has been launched to bring attention to the issue. (Warning: The links in this message may not be suitable for viewing at work but they definitely shine a light on the issue!)

The campaign targets the biggest names in the international fashion world that continue to turn a blind eye to animal suffering. On the site, you can show that you are fur-free by creating your own naked avatar to join the online protest. You can also send letters to companies like Prada and Armani urging them to go fur-free and invite your friends to join the parade.

Marching online with others — and for a cause as important as going fur free — is a fun way to show you really care about animal protection.

Join the parade against fur and demand that fashion houses worldwide become fur free now!

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