Residents are being asked to join in the hunt to find parrots, ballerinas, corals and earth tongues!

As part of a grassland fungi survey, Carmarthenshire Biodiversity Partnership is looking for volunteers to help identify the brightly coloured mushrooms and record their findings.

The wild species appear in different shapes, sizes and colours and can be found in cemeteries, well established lawns or old unfertilised grasslands. The survey is supported by Carmarthenshire Environment Partnership and anyone can take part. A photograph, record of its location and a date is needed once identified.

Carmarthenshire’s Biodiversity officer, Isabel Macho said: “I would encourage people to go out and have a look for these amazing fungi – you may be surprised at the range of shapes and colours you can find. Wales has some of the best sites in Europe for grassland fungi.”

The green Parrot, pink Ballerina, red Splendid, orange Honey and white Snowy waxcaps; yellow, white and violet coral fungi, olive earth tongues and golden spindles are just some of the fungi varieties.

Mysteriously the species tend to appear overnight and Autumn is the perfect time to see them.

Findings should be sent to Biodiversity Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council, Conservation Section, Planning Department, Civic Offices, Crescent Road, Llandeilo SA19 6HW, by email to or call 01558 825390 for further info.

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