Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to cancel our Furnace pond walk on Tuesday, Sorry!!!
Don’t go thinking you have a day off ‘cos we have another walk for you in it’s place, around Sandy Water Park. Yayyy!




This LINK is where you can find information on our Wildlife walks. We aim to offer walks suitable for everyone regardless of whether they are fit or disabled.

We will grade our walks from level 1 to 5 to hopefully have a level that is suitable for you. We will also have information about our ‘Pond Watch’ on our page.

Carmarthenshire Wildlife Walks are a part of Carmarthenshire Wildlife Watch. It is run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to promote Wales’ wonderfully diverse wildlife. We want to share our enthusiasm with people of all ages and encourage interest in all aspects of our natural world.

Our volunteers are trained, insured and risk assessments are carried out.

This is a registered project with Environment Wales managed by Llanellitown.com. Project No: R899.

If you wold like to help and volunteer with Wildlife Watch, whether you are in Carmarthenshire or not, please contact trixie@waleswildlifewatch.org.uk

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