A horse in it's stable, looking out into the wider world. Photo by M.Bridgeman and used with permission.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, probably the most stunningly attractive part of the UK, so lets show everybody how good it is down here in West Wales and Swansea Bay…

I’ll start the ball rolling with a picture of a horse…

Pictures can be any sort of thing, pets, landscapes, people, you name it, send it in and we’ll publish the best submissions in our new photo of the week category.

If you’d like to show the world how good your photographic skills are then send your submissions to newsdesk-at-westwaleschronicle.co.uk 

As always copyright of the image will remain with you the photographer and images will only be used with permission.  Obviously sending an image in is considered to be an act of granting permission for us to use (not that we want to get too litigious when this obviously just a bit of fun!)

So get clicking and get sending…

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