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Greetings darlings, my name is Ryan.

My girlfriend calls me a twit and she’s probably correct…….okay so she is correct okay?

I’ve been called much worse so it’s fine.

I guess I should tell you a thing of two about myself: I’m freaked out by man-buns. Yet I also find them amusing because when I see a manbun it reminds me of the Disney film Mulan.

I see these Mulan’s (that’s what I call owners of the sacred bun) fairly often in the gym. Also equipped with the same tribal tattoos, the meaning of which they have no idea.

The whole thing stinks of hypocrisy to me, the reason I say this is because I vividly remember walking through the street and I saw a Mulan, bun in all it’s glory, and this Mulan was wearing a T-Shirt that said “Be Unique”.

This saddened me, how can you be unique when you look exactly the same as most guys these days? And this of course brings me neatly on the latest Avengers film: Age of Ultron. I always wonder about the people who bullied other kids in school for liking comic books.

The type of people who mocked stuff like Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk. I bet they go to watch the film though. The kind of people who mocked you for your Marvel pencil case now walk around in Captain America T-Shirts as if they decided it was cool.

The tables have definitely turned. The so-called nerd is sexy now, apparently.

And yet most superheroes look like roid heads.

Attention Avengers, less lifting more saving people.

Anyway my point is that hypocrisy doesn’t work, being unique isn’t going for a trendy look, it’s being yourself. And last but not least Mulan is a really good film.

PS. If you enjoy Mulan too, share the same views on the Avengers, or just want to call me a ****** you can do so. Tweet me your loving messages @RColly91

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