Have you ever lost or mislaid you car keys?

It happened to me last week when I took my wife’s car keys for no other reason than  I thought mine were not to hand and I was in a hurry.  As it was, my keys were in my pocket all the time I’d just not taken the time to look..

When I got home I realised that my wife’s keys were missing.  Somehow or other they were just not where I thought I’d put them.  I’ve searched high and low, at home, the chapel,  I even went back to the cemetery where I’d conducted a funeral when within minutes  the cemetery staff kindly joined in the search.

With heads down anyone watching would have thought it was crime scene!  When I eventually suggested that we get another key my wife became quite indignant.  ‘No’ was the emphatic answer – ‘keep looking!’   It was then I realised it was not so much the key but the key fob our three year old granddaughter had given her with the words ‘MAMGU’  (Granny).  That fob made the keys special.  Hopefully they  will turn  up and my life will then be far sweeter  – you know what I mean!

The Bible often tells of God’s care and compassion.   It‘s no coincidence that God loves us and Jesus’ ministry brought home to those who listened that such love actively seeks a response from us.

He told the stories of a shepherd searching for a lost sheep, a woman who swept her house to find a lost jewel, a father who looked to a distant land in the hope of seeing his wayward son return home.

Nothing of chance or coincidence here, no questions asked or any possibility of rejection because of past failings, just real joy and celebration when that which was precious had become lost and was safely back where it was meant to be – ‘I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see’  Surely  ‘Amazing Grace’

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