By Adam Roberts

So on the 5th of March this year, I went to Comic Con. All for the sole purpose of meeting Mr Danny John Jules and gaining some of the latest news on the upcoming Red Dwarf series of 2017.

He was reluctant to give any spoilers on which I can honestly say I admire. And he was right to do so (as he explained to me that just like Star Wars “it’s all now about non spoilers”) he then added that it’s all so airtight now that the cast and crew can’t even mention what number episode or film they’re on due to social network and television. So take it from me, all you can really expect is a number of fun entertaining episodes of Red Dwarf as Mr Jules has guaranteed to do so at the best of his and the rest of the Red Dwarf crews abilities.

So I then went on to ask about the character of the cat himself. I asked where the idea of the character came from, to which he answered it’s the way the character was written. And DJJ I have to add is just a master of performing the part as amazingly as he did and still does.

There was one question which I honestly felt quite foolish to ask though, which was that they did series One to Eight before a Ten year break, and then moved straight on to series Ten, so I asked what happened to series Nine? To which he cleared up by saying he himself classed the Back to Earth Three Part Special as series Nine itself, so if anyone had the same question? There’s your answer!

So as it turns out, the filming of Red Dwarf Series Eleven will be will be finished in the immediate future and will be airing in the year of 2017, so please do yourselves a favour… don’t miss it!

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