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At last we have a first Minister at the National Assembly!  It took some time, a lot of backroom trading and no doubt a little give and take and even a seat on the cabinet for lone Liberal Democrat Kirsty Williams, but they got there in the end and Carwyn Jones as leader of the largest party was re-elected to this leading office.  For most of us the whole affair was baffling.

Could Plaid really have worked with the new UKIP group, or even the Conservatives to form a viable government?  I must admit that it would have made politics in Wales much more interesting and even entertaining but is that what we really want?  No doubt political points were made, but a week was lost in getting on with what government is really all about and that is to ensure the best possible public services such as health care and education for all of our nation.

The Bible has much to say about those who rule and govern.  The prophets of the Old Testament did not spare words of condemnation towards those in their day who ruled unjustly. When asked a question about paying taxes Jesus answered by saying ‘Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and give to God that which is God’s’ In other words be good citizens never forgetting that we are also to give allegiance to the principles of the kingdom of God – the greatest of which is to love God and to love our neighbors.

With all the campaigning over and the electorate having decided let’s hope that all the manifesto promises we have heard by those elected will be kept so that the needs of the people will be met.  There is no greater council for those who seek to lead and govern than that which the word of God gives.   The Bible says “Righteousness upholds a nation” and the command Jesus gave to his disciples “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ surely says it all!

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