By Rev David Jones,

The Olympics began with a spectacular opening ceremony on Friday when Rio became the host nation.  What a spectacular sight to see Team GB proudly enter the stadium being led by Andy Murray.    Then Adam Peaty set a new world record as he won the gold with an incredible time of 57.13secs in 100m breaststroke setting the scene for hopefully even more medals for the UK squad. Now there’s everything to play for and for us a great time of joining a worldwide TV audience in seeing excellence of competition which will, no doubt, keep us on the edge of our seats for the next two weeks.


Despite the heights of expectation, the ride to Rio has not been an easy.  Brazil itself has been plagued with all sort of problems from the Zika virus to the drug scandal which saw the Russian squad seriously curtailed.  Brazil’s fragile economy has not been ideal backdrop but now that the competitions have begun it’s a tribute to the Brazilians who have not allowed those circumstances to set the final agenda of Rio 2016.
The Bible speaks much of those who ran the race of faith and who did not allow disappointments and discouragements to have the last word.  Moses was aware of his inadequacy when the call came to challenge Pharaoh to release his people who for four hundred years had been held in slavery. The boy Samuel heard God’s call in the darkness of the night when the nation was at an all-time low. David, the scrawny shepherd boy brought the giant Goliath to his knees and the rest is history. They and many others lived and acted by faith and despite their weakness were faithful to the vision that God had given them.


It’s the same for us. Our faith may often be tested with all sorts of doubts uncertainties and problems which may seem impossible to us to resolve. It’s then we need to increase our faith. To do this by prayer and then to allow God to reveal his will and give us the strength to overcome.  Then, with all who have lived by faith we too will gain the greatest prize – life in its fullness, both now and forever.


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