As we all saw in the ending season three of Marvels Agents of Shield, Sky aka Daisy Johnson aka Quake is now on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. Colson is no longer Director and Fitz and Simmons are now an item.

Now in the upcoming fourth season we have a new character. A character who will bring let’s say… a little heat, to the game! Marvels Agents of Shield season 4 is now introducing Ghost Rider. (And no I’m not saying Nicolas Cage is dawning the flame headed skull again). This is not even Johnny Blaze, because for you fans that aren’t really that familiar with the Ghost Rider franchise, there have been more than one Ghost Rider over the years.

There’s been Carter Slade-the first Ghost Rider, then it was Johnny Blaze who I think Nicolas Cage played the character rather well. Next it was Danny Ketch and then last but not least, was Robbie Reyes who will be featured in this years season.

Robbie Reyes will be featured driving into action in his flaming muscle car instead of an I think more awesome flaming motorcycle but, I like to keep an open mind. He’s still going to be using his flaming chain though, which is amazing! Playing the part of Robbie Reyes will be Gabriel Luna and he will be a recurring character for the fourth season and will have the previous cast from last season. I can’t wait to see this, it’s going to be so cool. Marvels

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