Halloween is right round the corner and many children are hoping to fill their pockets with goodies when trick or treating around their neighbourhoods. However, some UK cities are stingier when it comes to delivering the goods to trick or treaters.

In a survey of 65 UK cities it was found that Hull was the stingiest city in the UK, spending a meagre average of £1.25 on sweets!Followed closely by Nottingham and Cambridge.

“We didn’t come back with many sweets this year. One house gave me toffees that must’ve been years old, another house gave me fruit, and the weirdest, I was given a can of baked beans!”. (Anna, aged 10, Hull).

On the other end of the spectrum, the most generous sweet spender was Leeds, who spend a whopping average of £16.40, followed by Colchester and Bristol.

Coventry came top of the table, where 55% of young residents will go trick or treating! In Coventry, you best stock up, as your sweet supply will last just 55 minutes.

Source and further information please go to: www.onbuy.com.

Editor revision: please note this promotional article comes from: research, information and press release by company ‘On Buy’, (the image, included in the article clearly states this.) 

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