THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK . -4 November 2015

With just over a week before the American Presidential election it’s going to be a tight race. Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump are seen by most Americans as the most disliked candidates for generations and considering this lack of popularity it’s surprising that they have come this far. It’s been a long and arduous campaign with so many claims and counter claims with presidential debates where both held the other in such obvious contempt. So far Mr Trump seems to have ridden the storm on his many indiscretions, while the resurgence of Mrs Clinton’s email saga has, in the last few days, caused more than a downward trend in her already fragile lead. The opinion polls are apparently narrowing, if they continue to do so then the USA might well not have its first female President but a multi-billion-dollar business tycoon with no political experience and an ego as big as the tower in New York that bears his name

These last few days will be decisive as both candidates reaffirm their policies and rally their supporters. Whoever is elected the promises they campaigned upon will be carefully scrutinised and quick condemnation will follow if they are not kept. The new president will face domestic and international challenges, including the constant threat of terrorism and an economy which will need to be steered carefully. It was President Harry S Truman who said thebuck stops herea very lonely place to be.

The Bible encourages us to respect our leaders and to accept the democratic decisions that are made on our behalf. We have no presidential system but there are those we elect to high office in local government, the Welsh Assembly and Westminster. This week, as we observe the USA, the greatest democracy in the world make this decisive decision perhaps we can remember those elected that they may know our goodwill and support and always be led to seek the ways of service, justice and peace. Then the place where the buck stops may not be such a lonely place after all.

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