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Doggy Detectives! Have you inspected the world’s first pet review site?


Doggy Detectives! Have you inspected the world’s first pet review site?

The world’s first online dog product review and reseller site for all breeds of dog has launched! Uniquely, the products are all tested by members of the public (The Doggy Detectives) meaning only the best is recommended for your dogs by our dogs!

Frank and Jellys

Since starting the doggy product review site a year ago, Frank and Jellys has gone from strength to strength, with online numbers growing steadily, new and exclusive product ranges and the imminent launch of their website www.frankandjellys.com

Frank and Jellys is the world’s first online ‘dog product’ review site for all breeds of dog. They have developed trusted relationships with the best dog brands in the world and their unique Doggy Detective team means that members of the public (you and me) get to independently test the products and post honest reviews. This means that you can relax in the knowledge that only the toughest and the best get past the Doggy Detectives!

Melanie Ellyard, owner of a rescue bulldog called Honey said:

“I applied to be a Doggy Detective and trial a new product called tear stain remover. Honey suffers with very deep and dark tear stains and nothing ever worked. Fed up of spending money on groomers and endless products, I was selected to test OmegaPet Eye Tear Stain Remover. It didn’t cost me anything and I can help other customers by providing an honest reflection of my experience with the product.”

The website is also educational, offering support and help on how to look after your four legged friend. Sarah Robinson, Co-Founder at Frank and Jellys explains:

“Donna, my partner, and I, are passionate dog owners and we believe in value for money products that support the health, wellbeing and happiness of our dogs (Frank and Jelly). Prior to starting the business we spent a lot of time searching for products to solve particular problems and wasted a lot of time, energy and money on things that didn’t live up to their promise. So we decided to change all that! “

Donna Hunt, Co-Founder at Frank and Jellys agrees:

“On the day we started Frank and Jellys we made a promise to deliver the highest level of quality of products by personally researching the global pet retail market and extensively testing products with our followers. Only after passing the Doggy Detectives rigorous testing do we offer these items for resale. “

The future looks bright for Frank and Jellys as they continue to grow their loyal customer base and increase the reach of their products to Europe and the US.

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