Leading charity welcomes pick up in pace of Syrian refugee resettlement

Oxfam Cymru has today welcomed new figures showing that 182 refugees from war-torn Syria have been resettled in Wales between July and September this year.

Home Office data shows that 294 Syrians have now been welcomed to Wales since the UK Government set up its official resettlement scheme, with more arriving in Wales in this quarter than in the previous three quarters combined,

Kirsty Davies-Warner, Head of Oxfam Cymru said, “This is incredibly welcome news, showing that the councils and people of Wales are stepping up to the plate in resettling people fleeing the continuing conflict in Syria.  

“Where Scotland had been racing ahead of much of the UK, we in Wales are now matching them in welcoming our fair share of refugees from Syria. Importantly, these figures show that almost every council in Wales has welcomed someone from Syria – and we know from the Welsh Local Government Association conference last month that by Christmas, all 22 of Wales’ councils will have resettled people from Syria.  

“However, as we’ve seen this in the news this week the slaughter of innocent civilians in Aleppo continues, with no sign of let up, so it is important that Wales continues to remain ready to meet this challenge for as long as is needed.”  

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