THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK. Wednesday 7th December, 2016

The supermarkets seem to have gone into overdrive to get us through the doors again this Christmas. It may be because of a recent report revealed that shopping patterns are changing and that there’s more ‘shopping around’ than ever before. Then there’s online spending which this year is expected to break all previous records often with the promise that an order today will arrive tomorrow – how can you beat that? Then what about those futuristic predictions about overhead drones dropping parcels at our doorsteps – or did I just dream that! All this gives the impression that Christmas cannot really be Christmas unless we’re spent out and totally exhausted by Christmas Day!

Christmas, of course, has nothing to do with the frenzy of spending or the rush to the tills and everything to do with the truth that God has freely given us his greatest gift in sending his son into the world. Such love and goodwill brought kings came from afar and shepherds who left their sheep to join with angels in worship and adoration. That’s why we need to unwrap God’s gift of Christmas so carefully to find, despite all the Xmas hype and distractions the baby Jesus born for us. It’s only by following his example of love compassion and peace that we will know the joy of Christmas. It is then that this Holy Season will truly be celebrated in our homes and hearts when following his example, we bring our gifts of love and care to those who are in the greatest need in our world and community. We can do this by giving to those causes who seek to feed the hungry and provide warmth and shelter to the homeless. Here in Llanelli we have two food banks that need our support if those in need will be helped this Christmas. Then again there may be an elderly neighbour facing Christmas alone or someone who we may know who would be glad of a visit and some help. Who knows, in doing so, we may have the best Christmas of all!

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