Suzy Davies AM: Welsh language standards need less red tape, and must change to support a rise in speakers

Welsh Conservatives have welcomed a review into the Welsh language standards law, but cautioned that while cutting red tape was necessary, it should not diminish the rights of Welsh speakers.

Suzy Davies AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Welsh, also wanted to ensure that any resultant change in the law must “future-proof” against the expected rise in Welsh language speakers, following the introduction of the Welsh Government’s 1million speakers policy.

Ms Davies said: “While noble in its aim, the Welsh language standards are far too bureaucratic and a balance needs to be found in cutting red tape while maintaining the rights which Welsh speakers want to exercise.

“Any change in the law must also be future proofed to anticipate the effects of the 1million Welsh speakers policy which, we hope, will see an increasing weight of expectation for bilingual service provision in our public services.

“I welcome the review, which I feel is a good opportunity to see how existing legislation can be improved to get more people of varying proficiency to use the language more often and more confidently.”

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