Kick Back, Watch movies, Have fun!

Movies, they’re great aren’t they? They transport you into a fictional world where anything is possible and you can forget all problems and enjoy yourself.

With that in mind a local company in Llanelli called C.E.T.M.A (Community, Engagement, Technology, Media and Arts )have launched a new, exciting and very affordable cinema club! A club where many of the most beloved movies of all time are shown twice a month with a different film every time!

Located in Unit Nineteen of the Enterprise Workshops on Trostre Road, C.E.T.M.A’s Cinema Club showcases dearly beloved classic films for all the family to enjoy such as E.T, Edward Scissorhands, Back to the Future and many more!

“Movies for me are a brilliant form of expression because they can make you feel sad, happy, they can make you think and sometimes they can make you feel like a kid again! You fall in love with fictional characters and sometimes their actions sometimes teach you a lot about yourself” – Ryan Colbeck, Director of Marketing and PR Relations for C.E.T.M.A

C.E.T.M.A’s cinema club was the creation of project manager, Keith Evans, who brought the idea to life towards the Autumn of last year.

“Movies have always been a big part of my life and I know a lot of people feel the same way. We’ve trialed the idea for the last four months with one showing a month and it’s proved to be very popular. The idea for the Cinema Club is not just about the film, it’s a chance to sit back and have fun with your friends!”- Keith Evans, Project Manager for C.E.T.M.A

Price for admission is £3 per person and the next film that will be showing is ET. The Extra Terrestrial on the 26th January at 6:30pm. Snacks and drinks will be available all evening at reasonable prices.

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