Welsh Conservatives say proposals for new teaching standards, due to be unveiled by the Welsh Government today, must deliver “tangible improvements”.


Shadow Education Secretary, Darren Millar, said the Welsh education system needs more than just a “cosmetic rebrand”.


Estyn inspectors have recently raised concerns that the quality of teaching in Wales is below par.


Commenting ahead of the publication of the proposals, Mr Millar said:


“We have known for some time that there are serious issues with Wales’ education system, and the extent of those problems were laid bare by the Chief Inspector’s report in January.


“The issues have been exacerbated further by a teacher recruitment crisis here in Wales, and it is clear that the quality of teaching has suffered as a result.


“We have been calling for the Welsh Government to tackle these issues head-on, and demonstrate the leadership this sector so desperately needs.


“The new standards, therefore, must amount to more than just a cosmetic rebrand. They must deliver tangible improvements to education standards, and help to deliver a competitive and professional environment in which Welsh teaching can thrive.”

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