The new trailer for the highly anticipated fifth installment in the swashbuckling adventure series has finally dropped so let’s talk about it.

As is the case with most trailers these days, it opens with a haunting rendition of a well known song, in this case the Drunken Sailor song. It’s an odd trend that Hollywood has been running for a while now and while I believe it is becoming overused it definitely fits the theme because it’s a song about sailors, used for a film about pirates. Obviously.


We get a good look at the movie’s new antagonist, Captain Salazar, played by the brilliantly menacing Javier Bardem. He has a seething hatred for all things pirate-y and especially Jack Sparrow, who, going by the what the trailer shows, led Salazar to his death years ago. Clearly that didn’t work because now he’s back as a ghost.

We learn that ‘the dead have taken command of the sea’ which sounds quite ominous, and get some good looks at the movie’s characters, both new and old.

Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are back as Jack Sparrow and Barbossa respectively, Kaya Scodelaro is playing the new female lead Carina Smyth. Series favorites like Gibbs and Will Turner are also set to return, although no word yet on how much of an impact they will have on the movie.

We learn that Captain Salazar has been trawling the ocean hunting down pirates, which is presumably what the main plot of the movie will be. No doubt Jack Sparrow will have a major role to play in stopping him, being the main protagonist and all. I hope Will Turner has a good role, I always preferred him over Jack Sparrow as a character anyway.

The trailer is accompanied by the series’ main theme which makes a welcome return, stopping and playing in time with the action. It’s a great trailer that really does a good job of getting the audience excited for the film, though there does seem to be a strange contrast with the morbid look and backstory of Captain Salazar and his weird way of talking and interacting with people. Maybe it’s just the way the trailer is cut but I find that a bit worrying, the fact that the character’s style is a bit all over the place.

In all, I think it’s an interesting looking movie, and the main thing I am interested in is seeing the villain, Captain Salazar. I love the way he looks, almost in a constant state of drowning, with his cracked, dead-looking skin and hair that floats around him. It’s a great visual touch. I just hope that the rest of the movie is as good.


You can view the trailer here:


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be released in cinemas on May 26th, 2017.

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