Labour and Plaid Cymru’s Brexit White Paper is in ‘tatters’ following Leanne Wood’s latest intervention according to Mark Isherwood AM, the Welsh Conservative European spokesperson.


In an interview on Friday with the BBC’s Daily Politics, the leader of Plaid Cymru stressed her party’s desire to retain ‘membership’ of the single market despite signing up to a ‘White Paper’ with the Welsh Labour-led Government which made reference to only pursuing ‘participation’.


Commenting on the latest in a string of contradictions by the Plaid Cymru leader, Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Europe, Mark Isherwood – said:


“Labour and Plaid Cymru’s White Paper has been consistently undermined by the leader of Plaid Cymru and once again people across Wales will be left wondering what on earth the two parties have actually agreed in relation to the single market.


“The White Paper made clear it was pursuing an agenda of ‘participation’ not membership but this latest intervention throws into question that seemingly agreed position – creating confusion at such a significant stage of the Brexit process.


“The Welsh public did not want us to seek a continuation of the status quo with our laws determined in Brussels – despite the constant protestations to the contrary from the leader of Plaid Cymru – and this needs to be heeded as we strive to achieve the right deal, both in trade and other areas, for Wales and the United Kingdom.


“At such an important stage people across Wales deserve much better than the confusion offered from Labour and Plaid Cymru – and it’s imperative we now see the leadership and clarity required to deliver a plan that embraces the opportunities and tackles the challenges which lie ahead.”   

 The interview can be viewed here:

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