Spider-Man: Homecoming

After years of cancellations, restructuring and reboots, Spider-Man has finally made his connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we couldn’t be happier. This new take on the webslinger actually seems to be staying true to the character’s roots, with Peter Parker as a somewhat-uncool high-schooler that just happens to be a wall-crawling, web-shooting super strong man. A Spider-Man, if you will. With his first appearance during last year’s Civil War causing a massively positive reaction, the stage seems set for him to get a great movie all to himself. One of the biggest problems that Marvel movies usually face is the lack of interesting or memorable villains, but with Spider-Man featuring a menacing rogues gallery, maybe this will be the movie to finally break through that curse. Let’s hope Michael Keaton doesn’t disappoint as The Vulture.

Initial release date: 7th of July

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