A report by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CCSIW) has found that care for vulnerable children in Anglesey “must be improved”.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Children, Darren Millar – an Assembly Member for Clwyd West – has called on the Council to properly invest in children’s services and ensure that agencies in health services and local authorities are taking a joined-up approach to safeguarding against harm to vulnerable children.

Mr Millar said: “It is vital that children’s services receive the proper financial and staff support needed to carry out their work – particularly in a region which has seen 10 children killed or seriously injured through abuse and neglect in the last four years alone.

“Of equal importance to this is making sure that health and social services are working together along with schools and police to work to protect at-risk and vulnerable children from potential harm, wherever it might occur.

“Anglesey’s children’s services are not good enough and in the coming weeks the Council must produce a long-term plan to provide the best possible support and protection to children and their families.”

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