Last year’s Deadpool was a surprise hit to say the least. It wasn’t your average comic book superhero movie, oh no. Though it was based on Marvel characters and stories, it was not the same wholesome family friendly type of movie that all the children and adults alike can enjoy. Deadpool was crass, foul-mouthed, childish and mean and that’s why it was so good. It didn’t pretend to be an epic action blockbuster with life lessons and morally just characters like Captain America, it was a relatively simple, small movie about a (superpowered) dude who just wanted revenge for what some other (bad) dudes did to him. The film was made for much less of a budget than other recent superhero flicks and was even helmed by a first-time director Tim Miller, so it’s fantastic that it went on to become the highest grossing R-rated movie ever. The risk definitely paid off.

Fast forward to 2017 and here we are, already getting confirmation that there’s another one on the way, though it hasn’t officially been announced as Deadpool 2. This first look at the sequel, titled No Good Deed once again features the Eponymous antihero getting up to his old tricks again. It’s more of a short scene than actual trailer but that’s all we have right now so it’ll do. It’s hilarious.

It’s essentially a parody of Superman, with his whole act of getting into a phone booth and quickly changing his disguise. Of course with Deadpool involved it’s going to have a cruel humorous twist so the exact opposite of what you expected happens. Deadpool witnesses a mugging going on so he steps into a booth to change. He takes so long doing it that the victim ends up dying before Deadpool can rescue him. It’s exactly the morbid humor that the last movie was basking in so it’s a good sign that the sequel seems to be retaining it.

We still have yet to find out the release date, cast, plot details or anything significant apart from the fact that it stars Ryan Reynolds, but as a starting point this is great. The marketing was spot on for the last movie and if this sequel can continue it and even improve upon it then that’ll be even better.

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