County historians have today discovered that machynys in Llanelli isn’t part of the county.

Records recently discovered show that machynys and the dry land bordering it to the high tide Mark were gifted in perpetuity to the Duke of burgundy for services to King Henry 8th.

In the 1500s, there was no railway line or sea wall running to Bynea and the high tide Mark would be around where Thomas arms is today. That means that most of Llanelli is actually a part of the duchy of burgundy.

This finding also throws into doubt the legal position surrounding Llanelli and Brexit.

As burgundy is in France, they are still part of the EU. However, the UK voted to leave. But now that Llanelli is no longer a part of the UK then it must stay in the EU.

A council spokesperson said:
“There’s no need to panic or be alarmed and there won’t be any check points going up between Burry Port and Llanelli. We’ve been assured by the Welsh government and Westminster that they are working on the problem as we speak”.

Dyfed Powys police issued a statement saying that they would still maintain law and order whilst this unusual situation continues and to remind people not to commit any crimes.

There are reports from France that the current Duke is on his way to Llanelli to claim the lands.

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