Staff & Volunteers arrived to work this morning to the horror that Emma Street Community Cafe had been broken into after only being open for 4 weeks.

Emma St Community Cafe & Takeaway Is based in the Tyishia area of Llanelli, and is a project of not-for-profit social enterprise CETMA.

The project’s purpose is to:
– provide residents with work experience/voluntary roles opportunities
– increase their chances of finding long term employment
– increase confidence and skills
– promote health and wellbeing by working in partnership with other organisations
– provide a place in the community for people to access the internet

Jonathan Williams, Managing Director took to Facebook to say:

“Sadly we won’t be open today. During the night, someone or some persons broke into the cafe and stole our safe.”

“What people might not know is that we’re a charitable organisation and the cafe was being run by volunteers for the benefit of the community.”

“Sadly, someone or some persons from the community have stolen a significant some of money and have damaged this community project.”

“It’s a setback but we know that there’s more good people in the community than there is bad and with your help and support, we can carry on.”

A Just giving page was set up to help to kick start the project and now needs your support even more.

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