Waw. Here we are then. My very first column. Just you and I, chatting together about the bizarre thoughts that keep me up at all hours of the night. How intimate. But, for those of you who don’t know me, here’s a potted history on what makes me tick.

I suppose we are defined by the job we do. I confess that I am a teacher. Please don’t judge me. I suppose teachers are regarded as pariahs these days, and it seems I can’t go anywhere without reading some fresh outrage from parents. I’m sure you’ll hear my side of the story sometime. But not today, while I’m on holiday. All you need to know is that I teach English and Drama. I teach but I also do. By that, I mean I read, I write, and I act. I put my money where my mouth is. That must be why I’m constantly skint.

When I asked by the Jon to write a column, I stressed out immediately at the thought of creating a witty title. Nothing came. Eventually, after several panic attacks, I thought, ‘Well, I live in the land of the Scarlets. However, I support my beloved Seaside FC, who play in blue. How about Scarlet Blue?’ Luckily, I decided to google the name first. Scarlet Blue is only an escort agency. This is certainly not that sort of column! There was also a clash with an UK band, so I tried Blue Scarlet, which was slightly better…an antipodean interior designer with whom I’m really not in competition. So, there you have it. No wit, but a title, so there were no more excuses for procrastination.

Why am I writing a column? Well, I suppose I’m opinionated. I’m a hobby minx, which means that I flit from trend to trend, constantly searching for that buzz. Sometimes I get bored and give up; sometimes I keep on going. It means I know a little about a lot, and whilst I’m never going to be an expert in any field, at least I have plenty to bang on about. So, if you’re into acting, singing, football, baking, Zumba, yoga, walking, films, shows, guitar, swimming, music, holidays, writing, burlesque, and a whole host of other interests, I’m sure I can find something to entice you. I also love a free ticket, so if you want a candid review, send your tickets in to The West Wales Chronicle, care of Blue Scarlet.

Now that we could be seen to be in a relationship (albeit a casual one; don’t get any lofty ideas), if you want me to discuss a topic of your choice, drop me a line. It just might be my next favourite thing. Or I might hate it (or you) with a passion. That’s what comes when you mess with a Gemini.

Life is non-stop here in Casa Scarlet, so I’ll sign off stealing a quote from one of my beloved favourites, David Bowie: ‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise you it won’t be boring.’ Much love.

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