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Dating: My Experience & What I've Learned

Kyle* (name changed) was two years older than me. He had a golden heart and the jaw structure that only existed in teen drama...

Social Media Study: Part One – Facebook

When I was at the age of fourteen/fifteen, me and all my friends and classmates all used to log on to our computers after...

Online Dating: My Experience

Plenty Of Fish. Match. Tinder. All of these sites and apps are used by millions of people across the globe in hopes that they...

Social Network Study: An Introduction

Social networking. It is a term synonymous with those of us who have grasped technology with both hands in the 21st Century. It's something...

Think Before You Speak

Two meetings. One big brain lacking inspiration and a million and one things to do throughout the day. It was safe to say that...

Bullying – LGBT Part 1

Bullying is something that I have explored in previous articles in my column, and it's something that's changed my view on different types of...

7 Tips To Host Your 'Night In' For Cancer Research UK

This November, Cancer Research UK have come up with an incredible way of raising money and donating to the cause. Since I love a...

8 Signs You're Addicted To Social Media

If you have read one of my previous columns, 'Online Is The New Reality', (if you haven't then shame on you. Tut) you'll know...

Bedroom Tax – A Dummies Diary

I'm going to admit, I don't have the slightest interest in politics. Whenever I research it for a story, I get confused and ultimately...

Bullying – Part 3

In the final part of my bullying investigation, I decided to look into the topic of Domestic Bullying. As someone who has witnessed domestic...


It was Saturday night. The clock had just struck eleven pm and already half the city of Swansea was being carried to a taxi...

Bullying (Part 2)

If you've read my last column, you'll know that I've spent a while researching bullying in-depth. To say that it's been interesting as well...

Bullying (Part 1)

Bullying. The word alone can spark fear and anger in the most kind hearted and confident people. It's something that has been affecting people since...

Confidence is the key

The word 'confidence' can send shivers up the spines of people who fear speaking in front of a crowd, the people who walk with...

Online is the new reality

It's midnight, and instead of sleeping, I sometimes find myself clutching my iPhone and refreshing my Twitter feed every 20 seconds or so. It's...

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