UK Government failing Disabled People says UK Progressive Catholic Church Metropolitan,


The Rt Reverend Dr Ryan Cleminson has today launched an attack on the government accusing them of failing disabled people following a visit to the UK by a UN Raporteur. 

In a report by the special UN Raporteur he said that Nearly half of those in poverty, 6.9 million people, are from families in which someone has a disability. People with disabilities are more likely to be in poverty, and are more likely to be unemployed, in insecure employment, or economically inactive. They have also been some of the hardest hit from austerity measures. As a result of changes to benefits and taxes since 2010, some families with disabilities are projected to lose £11,000 on average by 2021/22, more than 30% of their annual net income. People with disabilities told me again and again about benefits assessments that were superficial and dismissive, and that led to findings that contradicted the advice of their doctor.


The Rt Reverend Dr Ryan Cleminson is now calling on the Conservative Government to do more for disabled people and to remove them from poverty. In a statement he said.


“Disabled people are amongst some of the most vulnerable in society and the government has been treating them with a lack of due care and attention, I have heard of some horrific stories where they are forced to undergo some frankly demeaning assessments to prove their disabilities to get the benefits they are entitled to, Its got to stop.


Some people with disabilities cannot work and the sooner the Government realise that the better. I now call upon the government to end the frankly abhorrent treatment of disabled people.

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