Ian Lewis (owner of the double garage) with the exclusively original Banksy image. Photo credit - Grace Louise Powell (Editor)


The West Wales Chronicle has witnessed something extraordinary as we’ve visited Taibach in Port Talbot yesterday evening. We received information at just before 10pm (December 18) amid reports of an image sprayed on the back/side of a double garage near Caradoc Street in the Taibach area of Port Talbot.

Is this an original Banksy? Who knows! It certainly looks like it could be.
Photo credit – Grace Louise Powell (Editor)

This isn’t just any image though, this is a visual of a young boy appearing with open arms. He looks to be glancing up towards the sky, a metal bin is behind him with a smouldering fire. At first glance one would think that it was snowing, however it’s debatable as at a second glance it appears to be flakes of ash rather than snowfall surrounding the youngster. This isn’t just any type of graffiti though spray painted onto two sides of a random garage.

It’s inclined to scream Banksy from the top of one’s lungs. If not, it’s a clever replica with regards to style.

Banksy, an internationally known graffiti artist is an anonymous England-based street artist. Has he been in Port Talbot this week? Did you see something out of the ordinary?

We managed to track the owner of the garage, a gentleman by the name of Ian Lewis. He was full of smiles and happy to be interviewed, shock was apparent and many visitors were visible as they proudly posed for selfies with this unique piece of artwork.

Ian Lewis told The West Wales Chronicle:

“I’ve had this garage for the last twenty years and I built it myself. It’s a double garage. I’m a retired plasterer but now I work for TATA Steel. I pay rates to the council, they’ve been here already I’m told. I only knew of the artwork this morning (December 18). I became clued-up as I saw it on Facebook, I didn’t even know it was there until today. When I did learn of it I did think it was a nice little bit of artwork to be fair.

Ian Lewis (owner of the double garage) with the Banksy style feature.
Photo credit – Grace Louise Powell (Editor)

“I know a little about Banksy as a friend of mine went to see his artwork in Bristol. I’ve been told Banksy has confirmed it’s his artwork but it’s just hearsay for now on Facebook. I can’t answer if it is genuinely as I really don’t know. I live near here and to be honest I’m just overwhelmed at the moment.

“I don’t normally like a lot of art but I’m definitely a fan of this. My friend seems to think it’s flakes of ash in the image raining down on the young lad, as Port Talbot is an extremely polluted town. I’m not sure if that’s relevant.”

A local resident said:

“I spotted the back of a male in the lane of Taibach and I didn’t think anything if it until now. He was on a pushbike with a bike rack on the back, it could have well been Banksy or the actual artist carrying spray cans, that was two days ago.”

Another resident added:
“I was looking out my kitchen window and I told my husband how strange it was that there was a large metal bin at the back of the garage, this was on Monday. Then today the bin was gone, instead in place is the artwork of an actual bin. The whole situation is crazy. Lots of people are coming here for photos and to see this.”

Ian Lewis who works for TATA Steel is overwhelmed currently.
Photo credit – Grace Louise Powell (Editor)

Is it an original Banksy? Now that IS the million dollar question. Even if that’s not the case, the mystery behind this and especially coming up to the festive period is nothing short of magical.


Article and images: Copyright – Grace Louise Powell

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