New book on Japanese knotweed separates fact from fiction


New book on Japanese knotweed separates fact from fiction

‘Japanese Knotweed: Unearthing the Truth’

A new book published this month, authored by environmentalist and Japanese knotweed expert Nicolas Seal is an easy-to-read comprehensive guide to Japanese knotweed, the UK’s most aggressive and destructive plant.

‘Japanese knotweed: Unearthing the Truth’, beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and hand-drawn sketches, takes readers on a journey back to the origins of the plant on the slopes of Mt Fujiin Japan, in adetailed exploration of its extraordinary history, physiology and anatomy.

The positive attributes of Japanese knotweed are also considered, including its medicinal value in treating diseases such as Lyme’s Disease, cardio-vascular disease and indigestion, as well as other uses such as its growing popularity as a culinary ingredient and its potential as a biomass fuel.

An invaluable aid for anyone concerned about Japanese knotweed and its rampage across the UK, the book breaks down the myths, substantiates the facts and offers readers clear advice about what to do if their property is affected.

Japanese knotweed is now found growing in every six mile radius in Britain and costs an estimated £167 million per year to tackle. If left untreated it can cause damage to property, growing through asphalt, cracks in concrete, drains and cavity walls in its quest for sunlight and water.

Nic is an environmental scientist and recognised expert in Japanese knotweed and its hybrid varieties. He is the founder of Environet UK Ltd, a company specialising in providing eco-innovative solutions to those affected by Japanese knotweed. He is also the inventor of Xtract™, comprising equipment and methodology for removing knotweed rhizome from soil, with patents in the UK, US and Canada.

Nic makes frequent media appearances on TV, radio and in national newspapers, and is a speaker at conferences, exhibitions and seminars. He is regularly called upon to act as an expert witness in knotweed disputes and litigation. Nic graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science at Kings College London in 1986. He is a Chartered Environmentalist with the Society for the Environment and a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Published in July 2018, Japanese Knotweed: Unearthing the Truth is available now on Amazon and in selected bookshops, priced at £14.99.

Nic Seal will be a guest speaker at the Guildford Book Festival at Hatchlands Park on 14th October 2018.

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