Thought for the week


Jodie Whittaker takes on the role of Dr Who when the new series of the time lord returns to BBC this October.  Jodie will be the thirteenth Dr Who and the first woman to inherit one of the most popular charters in TV history.  Along with new friends Graham, Ryan and Yasmin, the return of the doctor marks a new era in the Doctor’s history and the subtle appearance of Jodie Whittaker on our TV screens for some months has added to the excitement and anticipation of her arrival.

Since the doctor’s first appearance in November 1963 each portrayal has had its own strengths and weaknesses with different and welcome changes to personality and style.  Those of us old enough will remember the early days when the sets were a bit wobbly and the special effects were far from being what they are today, but that didn’t matter one little bit because for an hour on a Saturday night we were transported to the world of the Tardis, the Cybermen and perhaps the most feared of all the dreaded Daleks.

There’s nothing like a good story and the Bible is full of some of the most exciting and life changing experiences of God’s people.  From Sunday school days we may recall the stores of those like Moses opening the sea, and of Joseph and his coat of many colours, Daniel in the lion’s den and Samson’s strength that brought the temple pillars to the ground to name just a few.  The coming of Jesus into the world is often called the greatest story ever told as God invaded the world of his creation with such love grace and truth.

The Bible’s central theme is of God seeking the lost and inviting us to find again the love and acceptance he freely gives.  Somewhere we may have a Bible which may have been handed down through the family; or a Gideon Bible given to us at school which was nice to have at the time but remains very much part of our past.  Perhaps the time has come for us to read again of the love and peace that God offers through his word and to celebrate the amazing love story of a Father’s heart of compassion for the lost.   The Bible has no confines – ‘whosoever’ believes is welcome and that’s the best story of all!

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