Top 3 Games I’m Hyped for in 2019


The start of every new year is always an exciting time for me when it comes to videogames. The possibility of even more amazing new titles being revealed throughout the year is always something to look forward and as we begin to draw closer and closer to big events such as E3, the mystery reveals and expectations skyrocket. Sometimes there’s a colossal disappointment and sometimes there’s shocked glee as something utterly incredible is announced. It’s a fun time to be had by all, but for now, I’m going to take a look at the three games confirmed to be releasing this year that I am personally very excited for.


Given we know next to nothing about the next mainline Pokemon game apart from the fact that it’s going to be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and will appeal to core fans of the series rather than the somewhat controversial Let’s Go titles, I have some high expectations from Game Freak’s next entry of the juggernaut franchise. It seems that with every amazing feature introduced with new entries, another is removed. Additions such as Sun and Moon’s Festival Plaza as a replacement for the super-useful PSS system were met with savage backlash online and the developers may need to pull out some stops to make a truly great new game.

I have faith. As long as it doesn’t feature Pokemon GO mechanics and the Festival Plaza. Then it’ll be great.


The demon daddy of the hack and slash genre makes its triumphant, bloody return this year after spending a number of years drifting in franchise limbo. After the highly controversial Ninja Theory reboot in 2013, the Devil May Cry series has had an uncertain future. With 2008’s Devil May Cry 4 seemingly being the final entry in the original series, fans have spent the past 10 years hoping for a sequel to give the series some much-needed closure. With HD re-releases and special editions of past entries coming out recently, it seemed that Capcom was getting the public geared for the triumphant return of the demon-slaying franchise and at E3 2018 our prayers were answered, with incredible looking graphics and that same stylish gameplay we all know and love.

With fan favorites Dante and Nero returning in addition to a third playable character in the mysterious newcomer known as ‘V’, the stage is set for the stylish finale to the Sons of Sparda storyline that has kept us hooked since the first game way back in 2001. A ton of new gameplay features such as photo mode, a training room and a variety of weapons are sure to keep fans coming back for more. 

Out of all the upcoming games, Devil May Cry 5 is the title I’m most anticipating. They’ve truly hit the jackpot here.


The 2010 videogame adaptation of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post-apocalyptic thriller tale of life underground in the Russian Metro after the land had been devastated by nuclear bombs. With tense first-person gameplay and an emphasis on conservation of ammo and gas mask filters the title was a surprise hit that flew under the radar for many. It was highly atmospheric and crushingly difficult, proving popular enough to warrant a sequel in 2013’s Metro: Last Light which also released to critical acclaim and retained the first game’s atmosphere and tight gameplay.

Fans of the series rejoiced with the announcement of the next entry, titled Metro Exodus which looks to be bringing back the gameplay elements that proved to be popular with the previous two installments, but with even more wide open-ended levels and gameplay enhancements such as dynamic weather and weapon crafting.

It’s been a while since I’ve played a real immersive game and the FPS genre is one that’s been a bit on the stagnant side to me, but this chilly survival shooter is sure to tunnel its way into my heart and keep me engrossed when it releases in about a month’s time.



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