Film Review: Deadpool.


By Adam Roberts

Well what can I say about Deadpool? No seriously, I’m actually asking! Because I highly doubt there is a word to describe how (insanely, amazingly, AWESOME) this movie actually is. I have NEVER seen anything like it.



This film literally has everything. You’ve got the violence, bloodshed, action, sex, side splitting comedy, sci-fi, superheroes and anti-heroes, there’s even a love story involved. This is the most violently vulgar hysterical Marvel film EVER.

But the sheer genius of it is that of Ryan Reynolds’s costume were even though his head is completely covered with the mask, you can still see his face… if that makes any sense at all! Ryan Reynolds was literally born to play Deadpool.

I won’t tell you too much but the opening credits are just insanely brilliant. Never seen an opening like it in my life. (And the fact that Colossus and so many references to other X-Men characters are in it is just SO good)

I think the funniest thing about Deadpool is that he actually knows he’s a comic book character. So when he looks into the camera it really feels like he’s talking to you, so he’s literally taking you on the journey with him.

I give this film full marks and beyond, 100+ out of 100. Go and see it, you will not regret doing so people.

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