A young lady turned into both our services on Sunday with her lovely Labradoodle dog Rosie.  From the Midlands,she shared with us that she had needed space, got on a train found a dog friendly guest house here in Llanelli and enjoyed her stay.  Never having been to church before something led her to find a church and that’s exactly what she did.   Several of our congregation seated on the gallery and many others climbed the stairs before and after the services and were soon patting and making a fuss of Rosiewho behaved perfectly during both services.  Hopefully she is now home back in the love of her family and whatever reason had led her get on a train with her beloved Rosie we will never know, but God does!

There’s been quite some news recently about the effectiveness and therapeutic value of comfort animals.  An airline in America recently refused to allow a lady to bring her peacock on board and so she chose instead to travel cross country by road rather than be without her feathered friend.   Aschool also in America drew the line when a student brought a pot-bellied pig along because she could not face being without him. The studentsthought it ‘cool’ the staff took another view! In the end it the smell that decided the fate of her pet!  In Japan some are embracing the benefits of spending time with animas with a cafe in Tokyo providing cat companionship an hour atime for a small fee.  It doesn’t end there, you can have beetles, ferrets dogs and rabbits all rented out by the hour.   It only goes to affirm the old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend and that’s something we can all agree about.

We all look for comfort and assurance especially at times when loneliness knocks on our door.  It’s then we need to know God always gives us a place to belong and as his children his care and love is never far away.  The Bible tells us of a ‘good shepherd’ and reminds us thatwe are never alone, discarded or forgotten by the creator of the universe who Jesus told us is our Father. ‘Why then’ asks the Psalmist ‘am I so sad?  Why am I so upset?  I shall put my hope in God and keep praising him, my Saviour my God (Psalm 44).

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