Top Ten Batman Theories – By West Wales Chronicle’s Adam Roberts


Top Ten Batman Theories.
Written by Adam Roberts. September 6th, 2018.

10) The Joker is Batman’s brother.
This theory is meant to explain The Joker’s Batman obsession. According to the theory, Bruce Wayne had an older brother that had brain damage which ended up driving him insane. It’s said that the Court of Owls Lincoln March claimed to be Thomas Wayne Jr. Not so! The theory adds that March could’ve been planted by the real Thomas Wayne Jr who could actually be The Joker. It’s a plausible theory. I don’t know if a story for it has yet to be published, but I’d like to see one.

9) Bruce Wayne is an Arkham Asylum patient.
In this theory, Bruce ended up going insane after the death of his parents and wound up being locked up in Arkham. Meaning his enemies are representations of either of the employees or/and patients in the asylum. Now there’s a story I’d like to see.

8) Bruce died at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.
Bruce could be a figment of Alfred’s imagination in the café scene at the end of the film. Think about it! We never actually saw him escape the Bat-Plane after he got the nuke out of Gotham and Alfred’s mind could just be playing tricks on him. I do like to think though, that Bruce did escape and found some sort of piece in the end.

7) The Batman animated villains symbol.
This is basically like the theory that Bruce is actually in Arkham. All of Batman’s enemies could represent the feature of his fractured sickie. Two-Face could represent Batman’s identity, Joker could be a stand-in insanity and instability of the world after the death of his parents, Mr Freeze could represent his coldness towards people and The Penguin could symbolise Bruce’s power and fortune and so-on.

6) The Joker is a war vet.
It’s not uncommon for soldiers to come home with the mental stresses from the battles of war. The military could’ve actually pushed him right over the edge. This could explain his ability for precise planning on missions. To quote what Joker said in the hospital scene in The Dark Knight movie, a truckload of soldiers will blow up and nobody panics because it’s all part of the plan! This makes me think he’s got a grudge against the military. What do you think?

5) The Joker knows he’s in a comic.
I don’t know about any of you, but I think this is a really entertaining theory. If you think abut it, Joker does tend to play and dance around outside of the box. Just like Deadpool he has broken the fourth wall at times, and he does tend to make jokes towards the audience.

4) Alfred is Bruce’s real dad.
Let’s face it. Alfred has been in Bruce’s life since he was born. He’s always been a father figure to him, but even more so after the death of his parents. Maybe Alfred had an affair with Bruce’s mother Martha as her husband Thomas was away on business trips? It’s not a ridiculous theory, because if you think about it, a lot of butlers wouldn’t stick around with the amount of trouble that comes their way!

3) Alfred orchestrated Batman’s parents murder.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot and to me, it’s a very sound theory. This is actually my favourite theory. You could actually write this into a movie and it would be such an amazing moment when Bruce finds out the real reason why his parents actually died. It would be such a historical change of the franchise and I really want to see it happen! So maybe Alfred was in love with Martha, and he knew that she would never leave Thomas. So maybe in a fit of jealousy as a result he hired Joe Chill to whack Thomas in the ally and he accidentally killed Martha as well. But it does seem strange that Chill would leave Bruce alive as a witness. But if so, maybe this is the reason Alfred stuck around for all the years. With all the guilt weighing him down, maybe he felt he could pay back Martha by protecting Bruce.

2) Batman kills The Joker.
In the killing joke story, there’s an image in the art at the end where if you look carefully at where Batman’s hand is placed, you can see it on the Jokers neck. It’s thought that Batman actually broke the Joker’s neck and killed him, and in doing so that may have turned Batman insane. It would certainly explain why we see him actually laughing with the Joker for the first time!

1) Robin the weapon.
As we all know, Batman always has a contingency plan for every member of the Justice League. However, there is no plan for himself. This is where Robin comes into play. If Batman ever turned to evil, then Robin must be the one to take him down. Considering the fact, he was trained by Batman and he knows the way he thinks, then Robin would infact be the contingency himself.
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