New Gym


Fitness fans will have a new gym to try out as a former office building is permitted a change of use.

The former benefits agency building on Devonshire Road, Pembroke Dock, is set to be turned into a gym after being given the green light on Tuesday (July 26).

Internal alterations are proposed but the outside of the building would remain unchanged.

A planning report states: “Whilst there are neighbouring residential dwellings in proximity of the site, it is considered that the use of the building as a gymnasium within this built up area of the hub town is acceptable and would not result in a significant detrimental impact on the amenity of occupants of nearby properties.

“Opening hours proposed would be from 6am – 10pm Monday – Friday and from 9am – 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays.”

There were questions about disabled access, with Cllr Brian Hall pointing out that the office had been accessible and it was likely that the provision remained, gym equipment and facilities located on the ground floor in the main.

No objections to the proposal were received and there was support from Pembroke Dock Town Council.

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