Transformers: The Last Knight Review


Written by Adam Roberts. June 26, 2017.
What can I say?
This film completely surpassed my expectations in every single way. I know a lot of people weren’t that impressed with it but I tend not to listen to them nay sayers… STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. JUST LIVE FOR THE ADVENTURE.
You know it makes me so angry that so many people out there build up their expectations so high, that when it comes down to the big day it just never meets their ridiculously high standards.
Yes, this film may run for two and a half hours long and it may have some unnecessary puns here and there plus one nerdy science guy who absolutely insists the government listen to his science rather than the Autobots. But I would rather have that than a rushed film that makes me question why didn’t they explain or do this or that. But I digress.
Now when I heard Optimus Prime was going psycho bot, I thought okay, that’s another way to go. But I really enjoyed it. It paints the main hero of the story in a whole new light. Sometimes the hero needs to be saved from himself and I personally think that Michael Bay did a great job.
But anyway, when I heard Anthony Hopkins was going to be in Transformers I was just completely stoked. I’ve never seen him do this genre of film and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I really think this is probably the best performance he’s ever done next to Hannibal Lecter. He was funny, witty, charming. And he just completely steels the room as always. He makes me proud to be a fellow Welshman.
Mark Wahlberg, I also enjoyed watching in his return for the franchise. It was different to see his character struggle with the fact of having to hide from the government and not even being able to speak to his own daughter on the phone of all things. It’s amazing that you can be found from voice recognition, isn’t it? He’s a great actor and I can’t even believe that he and Anthony Hopkins would actually do this film only for a pay cheque as some people are led to believe.
No I don’t care what anyone else can say about this movie. I’m giving Transformers: The Last Knight an A plus or an 11 out of 10.

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