Running across the Sands and diving into the sea,
It wasn’t that I wanted a swim, more like I needed to pee!
Lurking at the back of the Albion with a half of Buckleys best,
Laughing your heads off with your friends at some smutty jest.
Buying chocolates or sweets from Annie Grants top shelf,
Then climbing over the fence to eat in the peaceful Welf.
Watching the girls do tric-y-wal in their navy-blue knickers,
Oblivious to the boys and their comments and rude snickers.
Showing off down the docks, jumping off the bridge,
Hoping to avoid any rusty bikes and the ubiquitous fridge.
Standing on the railway bridge being enveloped in steam,
And scampering off to Bracci’s for some delicious ice-cream.
Playing ‘Devil up the drainpipe’ and running off like hell,
Meanwhile knocking every door and ringing every bell.
Hating going up to town with Mam and her shopping bag’
When what I really wanted was to have a crafty fag.
Courting up the Bal and knowing where to hide,
Oh, how lucky I was, to be brought up in Sea-Side!

By Tony Allender 

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