Tracy Keddie (Chair of BEAN) and Kay Georgina Downie (Secretary at BEAN)

The BEAN Network partners up with the West Wales Chronicle

The West Wales Chronicle is pleased to announce that it has partnered up with The BEAN Network in Llanelli as its official media outlet. BEAN stands for Business Education And Networking. The West Wales Chronicle has been an online newspaper for just over ten years and boasts a respectable 50k readership covering Wales in it’s entirety and beyond. 

Members of the Bean Network

BEAN, a local business networking group are based in Llanelli. They meet every two weeks in the Selwyn Samuel Centre which is located behind Llanelli’s Leisure Centre. What better way to network than in a friendly and relaxed environment.

If you’re looking to share, expand, or start a new business, you’ll fit right in. There are like-minded people with a wide variety of expertise that can help you and your business grow. Your knowledge and experiences will be useful too with BEAN thriving on helping one another.

BEAN are still a relatively new group but are growing at a vast rate locally. Many meetings have been held at Swansea University and this arrangement is hoped to be extended in the near future. Students of all ages are encouraged to attend meetings as they’re an imperative part of the future businesses in the area. All students fit well within the group and have a lot to offer.

Llanelli’s Selwyn Samuel Centre

BEAN are in talks with relevant bodies within the community – The Job Centre, Staff in the local colleges, Swansea University, as well as larger businesses who can come to meetings alongside the students – or anyone looking for work or further education. This is to see what they can offer one another be it employment, apprenticeships or training/courses.

They are big on educating one another. A timeslot of fifteen minutes (times may vary) are offered to members wishing to share an educational talk, whether it’s about their business, expertise, experiences or training – it’s your talk, you decide!

Become a BEAN member! There are lots of exclusive membership benefits, and your first meeting is FREE to attend. Its £14 a month for members OR £10 per fortnightly meeting as a visitor.

Come along and see if BEAN is the perfect fit for you and your business! Membership fee is for you and your business, not for you as a person, so if you cannot attend, feel free to send another member of staff or a trusted person to represent your business.

Paul Francis (Manager at Llanelli’s Selwyn Samuel Centre) pictured with staff members

Visitors are encouraged, so bring as many business friends as you can. BEAN look forward to welcoming you with open arms and working together to make you and your business the best it can be.

For more information contact the Selwyn Samuel Centre on – 07729 655114

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