Significance of Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan // Geopolitical Analyst and Sky News Contributor Harley Lippman Avail to Discuss

Harley Lippman

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just landed in Taiwan amid threats of Chinese retaliation. Pelosi’s stop in Taipei is the first time that a US House speaker has visited Taiwan in 25 years. Her trip comes at a low point in US-China relations and despite warnings from the Biden administration against a stop in Taiwan.

Available to speak about the significance of this trip is geopolitical analyst, Sky News Contributor, Biden Advisor and business leader, Harley Lippman. Harley is an expert on foreign relations and has a lot to say about how this trip will pan out on the world stage. He has extensive experience with negotiations as well given that he helped negotiate the Abraham Accords in the Middle East. Harley can analyze what is at stake for this critical trip given that he is also a foreign relations advisor to the Biden Administration. 

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