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Tenders invited for mobile catering units

Gwahodd Tendrau am unedau arlwyo symudol Mae busnesau bwyd yn cael cynnig cyfle i weithredu unedau arlwyo bwyd twym ac oer ym Mharc Arfordirol y...

West Wales Chronicle Exclusive – Llanelli Westminster Candidates Debate – 30th April 2015

The team at the West Wales Chronicle are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the Llanelli Westminster Candidates Debate on the 30th April at...


Did you know that we're independent and run by volunteers?   Yes, it may surprise you to think that we are not but we are and...

Sponsoring Your Llanelli

Sponsoring The West Wales Chronicle? How about promoting your brand on a website that attracts thousands of unique users every week? We don't need tell anyone about...
pennies from our bank account :(

Our Funding

How are we funded? Contrary to what you might think, the West Wales Chronicle is not just a website. In order to achieve our aims, effectively...

Meet the Team

At the West Wales Chronicle we've got a dynamic and talented team of community journalists dedicated to bringing you the latest and most up...