Think Before You Speak


Two meetings. One big brain lacking inspiration and a million and one things to do throughout the day. It was safe to say that I needed a coffee to chill me out and clear my mind. That brought me to sit in the centre of the town centre with my latte and a cigarette, browsing my surroundings and trying to reach for some form of inspiration for my writing. The type of inspiration I did get, however, was one that I wish I didn’t have to get.

Let me explain. I was sat down when my eyes latched on to a young lesbian couple who were holding hands and smiling. Their bravery was enough to make me smile and wonder if one day, all gay couples will have the confidence to do this.

The smile was removed off my face not long after when two very drunk (at midday) men began to shout extremely horrible homophobic abuse at them. The anger I felt inside was something that made me want to pick up the nearest bin and throw it right at them, but due to lack of strength and appreciation of the law, I decided it against it.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind people to be careful what they say. We are ALL entitled to our own opinions, but there’s a time and a place to say them. I personally don’t mind if people are homophobic. Each to their own. But when they make it their mission to hurl hate and abuse at people for being gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual, then it becomes a problem.

You see, nobody chooses to be gay, atleast I didn’t. You’re born that way, and despite people’s beliefs, it’s something you recognise sometimes at a young age and sometimes at an older age. It can be extremely difficult growing up knowing that you are gay. I felt like a freak, like nobody would accept me and that I’d never belong anywhere on this planet. It sounds overdramatic, but when you’re a teenager… isn’t everything a bit OTT?

It takes tremendous courage, bravery and sacrifice for some people to come out of the closet and accept who they are. It takes strength for anyone to accept the things about themselves that they may not like, so please think about what you say about someone before you say it.

This applies to EVERYONE out there who’s reading this. Whether you’re straight, gay, bi or trans, we all go through tough times in our life and we’ve ALL got issues behind closed doors. Instead of judging others and assuming bad things about each other, can’t we turn it all into acceptance and be there for one another? It’s a short life and we need all the love we can get out of our time here. So think about it. We’re not all totally different from each other after all.


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