Poem by Tony Allender


So its ‘thank you madam’, ‘thank you sir’,
That’s Christmas over for another year.
Slumped ungainly in my favourite chair,
Oblivious to my better-half’s Medusa-like stare.
The grandkids are gone, leaving us to recover,
But I’ve got no energy, like a spent out lover.
The place resembles something out of World War Two,
Discarded packing, wrapping everywhere, someones shoe?
Oh what the hell, everybodys had loads of fun,
Despite the dreary drizzle and lack of sun.
Now my eyelids are heavy and I can’t stop yawning,
Well there’s plenty of time to tidy up tomorrow morning.
So for now I’ll bid you all good night,
All my friends on this wonderful site!


By Tony Allender 

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