3 Reasons Why Do Boilers Breakdown

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating

Generally, combi boilers are sturdy, resilient and strong appliances that provide heating and warm water with no fuss for a long time.

But there is a range of complex engineering and advanced technology behind any boiler cover, and it is not to say that you will not deal with a time when the combi boiler stops working.

You will find dozens of key mechanisms in a condensing boiler, all of these should work harmoniously so they can produce the optimum results, and if one of all these components breaks down or stops working, then this may steer to a chain reaction of problems across the rest of your boiler.

Reason # 1: Older Central Heating Boiler Failures

Usually, time is a problem in boiler breakdowns.

Rust and corrosion can decay internal parts and trigger mechanical failures and leaks. Gunk and debris can easily accumulate and stop the components of your boiler from working properly or obstruct water to flow properly through it.

However, age is the main factor of many broken appliances, and this is the reason people are more prone to buy the new ones because modern boilers offer energy-efficiency ratings of more than 100% – far better than that available from older central heating boilers – and replacing the central heating boiler with an A-rated one could possibly see your bill fall by up to a third. Having the best boiler insurance cover is no different here, no matter if your boiler is older or new, it doesn’t only cover the expenses on repairing the old one but also securing the life of new one as well.

Reason # 2: Mechanical Breakdown Due to Internally Connected Pipework

Mechanical breakdown is not actually induced by a problem within your boiler, but might rather be due to a problem in the internally connected pipework, for example, the radiators and plumbing.

Gunk, debris and air may become distracted by the pipes and keep water from flowing properly, or can infiltrate your boiler or damage its components.

Reason # 3: Frozen Plumbing in Cold Weather  

Boilers are more inclined to break down during winter than in the summer, and this is because boilers work at an increased rate in the cold temperatures. Once the temp drops below zero, water in pipe joints and in the boiler itself may freeze solid.

Recommendation: Annual Check of the Boiler  

As boilers are extremely complicated, they ought to be serviced on a yearly basis. A boiler service is not too different than a car service; in both cases, qualified and experienced professionals check every component to make sure it is functioning effectively and properly. 

So, what should you do when your boiler stops working? With the Best Boiler Insurance Cover and annual service plan, you will enjoy a great level of protection that will certainly make sure you will not have to cope with any breakdown, and that will reduce the chances for the boiler having a mechanical failure in the first place.


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