Pet Healthcare Gets a Little Easier Thanks to the New Pet Life App

Bayer Launches New App for Pets Healthcare (PRNewsFoto/Bayer)

The new Pet Life app from Bayer has been developed to allow pet owners to manage their pets’ healthcare and appointments – and it’s completely free. Users set up profiles for all their pets, and they receive reminders about their parasite protection and antibiotic treatments, vet appointments and other important dates in their pet’s life. Users can also link to their vet practice in the app ensuring the practice contact details are always easily at hand.

Bayer has launched a free reminder app that allows pet owners to manage their pets’ healthcare requirements on a mobile device. Following the success of the ‘It’s a Jungle’ app, the newly renamed Pet Life app provides more features and a new and improved design further helping owners to manage all aspects of their pet’s health.

Available in iOSKindle Fire and Android versions, the Pet Life app holds the pet’s vital information and reminds the owner when treatments and important appointments are due. Owners create profiles for all their pets on a single, easy-to-use interface, and then input all the details relating to parasite protection treatments, vet appointments, annual boosters and insurance renewals and other important dates. Owners then receive reminders on their phone’s screen – regardless of what is being done on the phone at the time. Reminders prompt owners to complete or re-schedule the treatment, or they can directly contact their vet for more product from within the app should they need to.

Manage all the aspects of a pets health in one place

The Pet Life app simplifies the process of managing a pet’s healthcare and the need to remember when to administer important parasite or antibiotic treatments. Designed specifically for busy pet owners who have to juggle the demands of work and home, the Pet Life app ensures that none of their pet’s vital healthcare appointments or treatments are missed, and they always have their vet practice contact details close at hand. Instead of having appointments recorded on calendars, various mobile devices and pieces of scrap paper, owners can now store all relevant information in one place.

User-friendly functions help owners keep their pets healthy and happy

Easy-to-navigate menus, detailed profile pages and the ability to set specific reminders about various appointments and important dates make the Pet Life mobile app ‘must-have’ pet health management tool.

The Pet Life app isn’t just for cats and dogs, however, as it has been designed to manage the healthcare requirements of ferrets and rabbits too. Owners simply enter their pets’ details, and then set up a separate profile for each of their pets, which includes the option to upload a photo.

Preventative treatments for conditions such as tapeworm, roundworm, lungworm and fleas are essential to a pet’s well-being, and the features included in the Pet Life app ensure owners never have to worry about forgetting them. The app also enables pet owners to learn all about parasites that could pose a threat to their pet.

A range of handy pet management features

  • Set reminders for a pet’s vital vet appointments and treatments
  • Set reminders for important dates such as insurance renewals and birthdays
  • Add notes about a pet’s healthcare
  • Track the weight of a pet
  • Link to their veterinary practice for vital information and instant contact
  • Store a pet’s microchip information


Owners never have to worry about their pet’s vital information being lost, as all of the data on the app is automatically backed up on secure, remote servers.

The Pet Life app is available for iOS devices from the Apple App Store and Android devices on Google Play, and it is completely free to download.

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